St. Edmund's School
Sector-5, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur 0141-2651084, 2653256
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The registration fee of Rs 500/- is non-refundable and registration does not guarantee admission.

Terms & conditions: 

1. Please complete this form if you consent to the school's rules, find the facilities/infrastructure satisfactory, and are willing to enroll your child in the school by paying the fees as per the notified schedule.

2. The term 'school fee' refers to the tuition fee applicable for the respective course of study, offered in a mode deemed appropriate based on the prevailing time and circumstances. A certificate confirming the payment of the 'tuition fee' will be issued for the amount remitted towards the 'school fee.'

3. The parent is obligated to pay the school fee for the upcoming academic session, irrespective of the child's admission or withdrawal on any date. No fee refunds will be provided once the child has been admitted to the school.

4. The School Fee must be submitted in accordance with the provided fee schedule, no later than the 10th of each specified month. Failure to adhere to this deadline will result in a daily fine of Rs. 20. If the late fee is not promptly settled, it will be deducted, and the adjusted amount must be paid before the child attends the next class.

5. Any activities conducted outside regular school hours or any outsourced/extra service(s) will incur additional charges. Parents have the option to select and participate in any school-offered activity by making the requisite payment.

6. The school primarily caters to mainstream education and can accommodate only a limited range of learning deficiencies. Parents are required to disclose any health, physical, psychological, learning, or other concerns regarding their child, along with relevant certificates, prescriptions, and instructions. If a child is diagnosed with a disability that exceeds the school's capability to address, the parent is advised to enroll the child in a specialized educational institution.

7. Ensure accurate entry of child and parental details as per the information provided in the Transfer Certificate, Aadhaar Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, PEN number, etc., submitted during admission. These details, once recorded in the school's records, are permanent and shall not be subject to change under any circumstances in the future.

8. Parents are encouraged to actively assist their child in academic endeavors and maintain awareness of the child's behavior, including their use of social media, medium of instruction in all classes is English

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